2017 CIP Partners Report

British Council

Project: English for Success

English for Success Project by BC is aimed at improving English language teaching, studying and mastering assessment, which will provide professional and academic opportunities for beneficiaries in its turn.

The Project pursues the following main objectives: 

  1. Study and teaching methods assessment in Atyrau Oblast and develop recommendations on improving;
  2. Create a group of teachers-coaches, who will subsequently create sustainable infrastructure in the region to provide learning opportunities for their colleagues;
  3. Increase attractiveness of teaching among students via their continuous preparation to future profession.

2017 Outcomes 

  • In 2017 University of Leicester (UK) carried out thorough analysis of English Language Teaching methodology in various education institutions of Atyrau Oblast. The study format assumed to do an inquiry among specialists of Ministry of Education and Science of RoK, departments of education and science, teaching staff of universities and schools, and students.  Besides that, they studies teaching methods by attending the lessons and via focus groups. They have inquired 369 respondents, set up 14 focus groups and attended 16 lessons;
  • During 2017, 160 teachers had English language courses organized by BC, where 29 STEM teachers were also engaged (science, technology and math);
  • “English only space” resource center was created on the basis of Atyrau State University. It plays a role of a hub for further learning of English and is available for the university students, teachers and students of the city schools; 
  • English training course for students, future teachers were launched on the basis of the University as a pilot project. 25 participants successfully passed Cambridge ESOL TKT and received international certificate. The course was positively received by the participants and other students who also expressed their intent to get the certificate;
  • Wider audience did also get opportunity to take part in the Project through English Speaking and Drama Clubs created by BC. Those 2 clubs covered about 70 people and helped improve their language skills.  

Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia

Project: Develop Social Entrepreneurship in Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District

The Project is aimed at motivating entrepreneurship to address significant social issues of the communities in Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District.   

Main objectives:

  1. Search for innovative approaches to solution of social issues via active promotion of social entrepreneurship among the population; 
  2. Provide required educational, financial and consultation support to entrepreneurs, whose initiatives are intended to address emerging social issues in the society.

2017 Outcomes

  • EFCA launched Zharkyra Program, a bid of social projects resulting in 6 projects that were provided with interest free loans to implement their initiatives. Total sum of allocated loans exceeded 19 MM KZT. Along with that, EFCA provides consultation support to the bid winners; 
  • EFCA continued to promote social entrepreneurship among the population by organizing workshops, roundtables and meetings with local entrepreneurs, engaging 218 entrepreneurs and residents of 7 districts of the Oblast; 
  • For the past year, 25 articles were published in national and local media resources about the results and advantages of the Program;
  • “Zharkyra” gained support of Council of Business Ladies under Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. Memorandum of Cooperation was signed and social entrepreneurship ideas are actively promoted among the Council members; 
  • The second townhall meeting on social entrepreneurship was held, bringing together more than 100 delegates from all over the region. The program outcomes were shared at the townhall meeting and the winners delivered their success stories in the form of lectures and video-presentations.  

Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians  

Project: Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) among Atyrau Oblast Communities   

The project is aimed at improving the quality of medical services provided to patients with hypertension and CVDs in first medical aid institutions.    

Main objectives:

  1. Maintain a supportive environment for improvement of care to CVD patients in the public health system;
  2. Build capacity of healthcare providers in Atyrau Oblast to prevent, identify, and manage CVDs;
  3. Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians.

2017 Outcomes

  • One of the main accomplishments of the last year was that the Association managed to gain the required support from Atyrau oblast health authorities and deployed KAFPSelect Program for professional development of doctors and nurses of first medial aid institutions as well as for students of medical college;
  • 14 doctors and 14 nurses were trained under KAFPSelect Program;
  • 79 patients had individual treatment and are under observation;
  • Online trainings with detailed review of the cases of 79 patients were organized;
  • Besides 79 patients, KAFP specialists provided consultations to 53 patients with various degrees of severity;
  • Audience of online group of KAFPConnect reached 426 doctors, who reviewed 100 cases;
  • 14 volunteers among medical college students were engaged in the trainings;
  • 38 sessions of measuring the arterial pressure in public places were carried out, which involved 3,272 people. 1,322 of them had arterial pressure.  

Independent Generation of Kazakhstan 

Project: My Professional Choice 

Social Project “My Professional Choice” consists of three focus areas:   

  1. Educating kids,
  2. Cooperating with education specialists, and
  3. Engaging with parents.

Project aim: Establish professional orientation culture for students via providing professional orientation support to students in a process of selecting an education profile and area of future professional occupation.

2017 Outcomes

IGK (5)
  • Professional orientation trainings and tests in schools with following recommendations about a choice of a profession in 5 schools covered 249 students;
  • Test results sharing meetings with parents involved 208 parents, where they got introduced with the recommendations for their children based on their personal abilities and capacities;  
  • Professional orientation work trainings were arranged for 211 teachers in secondary schools. The analysis showed that school psychologists need trainings, and curriculums shall contain various-plan professional orientation work;
  • Professional orientation tours involved 250 participants;
  • 118 children from boarding schools, secondary schools of Atyrau city and Zhylyoi district attended art-therapy and carpentry clubs;
  • Summer workshop was available for 195 children.

Mugedek Alemy (World of Disabled) 

Project: Koltanba Workshop 

Koltanba Workshop Project covered the activities, which increased social importance of people with limited abilities to attract them from loneliness, expand their circle of communications, train them to applied arts skills and carpentry.  
Project aim: Improve life quality of people with limited abilities from Atyrau city and rural areas through organizing intensive, systematic and practical trainings on producing souvenirs in national style.   

2017 Outcomes 

  • 102 people with limited abilities were participants of the project, including 50 kids;
  • 5 master classes were arranged on applied arts and carpentry skills mastering;
  • According to questionnaire results, self-esteem of 80% of participants were increased, which is a significant indicator of life quality of those people;
  • “Mothers’ House” became a partner.   
Mugedek Alemi (1)

PYXERA Global 

Project: Yntymak

Yntymak Community Program of PYXERA Global pursues a mission of organizing volunteering and fundraising initiatives through engaging Tengizchevroil (TCO) employees and their families as well as local volunteers.    
In total 264 volunteers of TCO employees and their family members worked out 1,227 hours for the benefit of local community.  Ytymak volunteers organized 46 sessions of English club for 160 students and 17 teachers; they visited Youth House and Kids Adaptation Center 52 times, and collected $31,000 to support low-income families and people with limited abilities.    

2017 Outcomes 

  • With assistance of volunteers of Atyrau University of Oil and Gas and Atyrau State University, English clubs were active during the year. 120 students and 9 teachers attended Clubs’ meetings;
  • TCO volunteers conducted a number of guest lectures on personal development and productivity for 90 students;
  • In November, jointly with Friends Atyrau we carried out fundraising to purchase hearing aids for kids. More than $10,000 were collected and that helped to 14 kids to hear the world better;
  • Campaigns to collecting warm clothes and products baskets for low-income families. 500 kg of clothes were distributed to 60 families and lonely mothers. 181 families got product baskets;
  • Volunteers helped to get school supply for 315 kids from low-income families.

Zhana Akparattyk Serpyn (New Information Impulse) 

Project: Tech Age Society 

The project educates students and teachers of educational institutions of Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District on new technologies, and also provides them with technical support.
The project covered secondary schools of Atyrau city and Zhylyoi district as well as Adaption Center, Shanyrak Kids House and Youth House.

2017 Outcomes 

  • 255 IT trainings of 468 hours total duration were arranged
  • Demonstrated advantages of using IT technologies in work places / created 409 emails
  • Technical support: 14 computers were repaired
  • 732 beneficiaries took part in IT skills trainings as Microsoft, search tools, social media and other advanced applications such as Gimp, Audacity, etc.
  • IT trainings for 243 unemployed people, orphans, lonely mothers and kids under the age of 18.