2018 CIP Partners Report

Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia 

Project: Zharkyra - Development of social entrepreneurship in Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District 

Project is designed to promote entrepreneurship for solving socially important issues of communities in Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District.

Main objectives of the project:

  1. Search for innovative solutions to social problems through active promotion of social entrepreneurship among population
  2. Provide required educational, financial and consulting support to entrepreneurs, initiatives of which are aimed at solving social problems in communities.


In 2018, within the framework of Zharkyra program, 8 social and entrepreneurial projects were supported to the amount of 12 000 000 tenge, including 6 projects from Atyrau and 2 projects from Zhylyoi and Makhambet districts:


Gulbaram Yermukhanova with the "Venera Inclusive workshop" project. Gulbaram scored the highest and won a grant of KZT 3 million and a professional internship. Being the mother of a special child, Gulbaram is aware of the problems faced by parents of such children in Atyrau. The project will help in the development of children with disabilities diagnosed with autism, developmental retardation, developmental speech delay, and Down's syndrome.


Gulden Utebaliyeva with her project "Sports club for the disabled" in Makhambet district received an interest-free loan of KZT1.5 million and professional internship. The club occupies a room in a sports school, where classes for disabled people on board games and ping-pong are held. Gulden’s goal is to attract even more disabled persons to sports.


Ilyas Usenov with his project "Vera" Sports and Health Center for the Disabled Persons" won an interest-free loan of KZT 1,5 million and a professional internship. Ilyas was diagnosed with group 1 disability as a result of a workplace injury. For several years he has been undergoing rehabilitation treatment in various centers in Almaty and Astana. Therefore, he decided to start a sports and fitness center for disabled persons in Atyrau to improve their condition and to bring them back to life. In the center of Ilyas, they will be able to exercise on special simulators and have fellowship.


Almagul Shudabayeva with her "FasTracKids: Future Leaders" project will receive a loan of KZT 3 million and a professional internship. "FasTracKids" is an international franchise of children's educational centers. The center is aimed at creating a developing environment for children, discovering their abilities, developing the necessary personal qualities. Children with disabilities can learn in the "Montessori" room. The project addresses the problem of acute shortage of pre-school institutions in Kulsary and high-quality early development for children.


Askar Aldan with his "Robotics Club" project won a professional internship. In robotics classes, students between 6 and 16 years old construct and assemble robots, work with sensors, motors, and write programs for robots. This contributes to the development of their technical and engineering skills, logic, ability to solve problems and seemingly unsolvable tasks.


Gulzhan Yelesheva with her project "Tughan Zher" Tourism and Local History Club" received an interest-free loan in the amount of KZT 500 thousand. The project will allow schoolchildren to explore their homeland and learn survival skills. Club members will acquire theoretical knowledge that will help them in hiking.


Tatiana Zimmerman with her project "Happy Mother" Birthing Classes Center" received an interest-free loan of KZT 3 million and a professional internship. The center helps women to give birth to healthy babies and to bring the family together. For this purpose, the center provides special exercise classes, lectures and consultations of a family psychologist.



Marina Kantseva with her "Splash" Art Studio" project will undergo a professional internship. Marina started the studio in 2016. The studio has a music theater, a photo studio, vocal, and choreography, painting and handicrafts classes. There is a "We Live" teenage club at the studio. Its social task is the initial career guidance of teenagers from low-income families in the field of humanitarian and creative activity, creating jobs and training future staff.


Achievements and results of social entrepreneurship in 2016-2018:

  • In 2018 Maktaubayeva Aigul had received grant of 1 million tenge for opening of sewing workshop for deaf-mute women in Kulsary city.
  • Elvira Aitueva (2016) had become “Entrepreneur of the Year” of Zhyloi district in 2018
  • Sharbat Bisalieva had become “Kazakhstan Business Lady” in 2018
  • Gulzhan Elesheva had become “Entrepreneur of the Year” of Atyrau city in 2018
  • Gulbaram Yermukhanova, Gulden Utebalieva, Ilyas Ussenov had received additional grants from Social projects development fund in the amount of 500 thousand tenge for development of their projects
  • Gulbaram Yermukhanova had received the premise for free of charge from Atyrau Oblast Akimat.
  • Ilyas Usenov had received the premise for free of charge from Atyrau Oblast Akimat.

The public foundation “Center for support of scientific initiatives” 

Project: Creation of soil, water and plant testing laboratory (SWAPTEL) in Atyrau

The laboratory will be the first of its type in Kazakhstan and will provide a valuable source of knowledge about the ecological state of the region. 

In the context of Kazakhstan’s strategic goal to ensure sustainable development and to create industries based on "green" technologies, the project plans to work with industrial enterprises and individuals providing them with a range of services; thus, supporting the development of agriculture and agro-industrial complexes. SWAPTEL will provide a base for research teams to investigate the best ways to interact with the environment using ecological methods to enhance the quality of the natural resources in the regions. An integrated approach to the analysis of soil, water and plants will offer the pro-active solution to the problems of reducing the costs associated with the production of agricultural products and the land management by the timely and environmentally appropriate application of fertilizers, pesticides, and other measures. 

Besides the high-quality analysis of local soil, water and plant resources, the laboratory will serve as a platform to build up a strong human resources base (a pool of practice-based researchers and experts) in the environmental studies area and to educate the local community in the areas of soil treatment and management, drinking water problems and plant cultivation. 


During the reporting period, the laboratory had been fully equipped with laboratory furniture, equipment for water, soil and plant analyses. Purchased equipment had been fully installed and verified, documents for “SWAPTEL” laboratory accreditation had been prepared.


Kazakhstan association of family physicians 

Project: To establish Zhylyoi healthcare as industry leader in Atyrau Oblast by creating an innovative, differentiated, and patient-centered experience.


  1. To create a human-centered healthcare in Kulsary clinic
  2. To create conditions for Kulsary physicians for continuous learning and motivation
  3. To empower patients/general public in Kulsary have more access to information and choice than ever before 


  • 11,309 direct project beneficiaries
  • 2,171 beneficiaries receiving preventive education and care
  • 79 people had received treatment
  • 30 trained local healthcare workers
  • 2,146 hours for training of local healthcare workers
  • Doctors, nurses, midwives, psychologists, social workers (24 people) had completed 3-day clinical training on Effective communication, which was facilitated by a Qazaq-speaking coach and a doctor from Zhezqazgan, experienced in coaching physicians.
  • A pilot facility with 6 examination rooms and 2 offices had been established and equipped with 19 laptops, 2 WIFI routers, 2 printers, 16 boards, 2 lockers with individual slots, 4 air conditioners, 6 fans, 10 blood pressure cuffs; 
  • 5 Atyrau and Qulsary healthcare senior management doctors had attended II International Family Medicine Conference in Almaty;
  • 12 monitoring and evaluation visits had been paid to healthcare facilities in Atyrau and rural areas; 
  • Total 22 complicated patients were consulted by KAFP residents; 
  • 165 thematic posts in Kazakh and Russian published on Facebook (11, 402 followers), Telegram (142 followers) and Instagram (1, 634 followers) with outreach of 70,736 people.

The Independent Generation of Kazakhstan

Project: «Psychology for all»

The social project is aimed at training psychologists, parents, schoolchildren of the city, in order to increase the professional competence of general educational institutions in the field of psychological knowledge, to teach parents effective interaction with children, as well as to reveal the potential of the personality of children, to choose their personal professional way and conflict-free life in family and school.

The goal:

To increase psychological and parental competencies and develop the potential of future professionals in society.


  • analyses by psychologists and teachers of the personality structure of pupils, development of their personality potential, skills necessary in life;
  • formation in children of the skills of understanding themselves and their psycho-emotional state and solving their main goals;
  • formation of parents' skills in developing life strategies for children and fostering a future professional for society


  • 2,166 direct project beneficiaries
  • 1,654 students-project participants
  • 264 trained teachers
  • 180 hours for training of teachers
  • 361 involved parents / public representatives

Work performance place: Schools #2, #11, #12, SS named after Jambul, Small academy of arts and 2 boarding schools (special boarding school for children with hearing disorders, and boarding school for children with vision and speech disorders)

Participants: children from 14 to 18 years old from 5 secondary schools, optionally parents in Atyrau city and their children; teachers and psychologists in Atyrau city

  1. Training – day off center for parents and children – was opened for all interested persons in Atyrau city – in total more than 100 parents and 289 children had been trained
  2. Training – curricular day center for teachers and psychologists – worked in Atyrau city and Kulsary city – in total 264 people had been trained
  3. Career guidance training and testing had been passed by 363 children
  4. Based on summer camps, clubs on woodworking, electronics and art design had been held, more than 900 children had been trained.

NGO “Mugedek Alemi”

The project "Workshop Koltanba" included events that could increase the social significance of people with disabilities, distract them from loneliness, expand the circle of communication, teach skills in applied art and joiner's skill.
Project goal: To improve the quality of life of young people with disabilities in the city of Atyrau and rural districts through the organization of intensive, systematic, practical training in the production of souvenirs.


During reporting period, the project covered people with disabilities living in Atyrau city and Atyrau oblast districts:

  • Students of K.Dutbaev Atyrau Humanitarian College
  • Students of Atyrau Service College
  • Inclusive class pupils of secondary school #4 named after Yu.Gagarin;
  • People with disabilities living in Makat, Makhambet and Issatay districts of Atyrau oblast, for whom off-site 10-day master classes had been organized;
  • Recipients of special social services MPU “Special social services provision center #3” (Leskhoz, 8A Alipov street, former special boarding school for mentally retarded children)


  • 90 beneficiaries receiving trainings
  • 125 days of lessons on applied arts and woodworks
  • 30 master classes in districts of Atyrau oblast.

NGO “Yntymak Atyrau”

Project: “Yntymak” Community Development Program

Project Goals and Objectives:

The main goal of the development program of the "Yntamak" community is to increase the social capital of the local community for sustainable economic development by implementing social, educational and charitable projects. Increasing the accessibility and quality of education in orphanages, higher and secondary educational institutions in the Atyrau region by attracting volunteers from Tengizchevroil LLP , on the one hand. And also motivating TCO employees, contributing to the enhancement of TCO's reputation and increasing the potential of the local community by:

  • Assistance in the development of volunteer activities and corporate volunteering;
  • Assistance to the company in the development of corporate social responsibility;
  • Assistance in the development of the education system to public non-profit and state organizations;
  • Development of international cooperation in the field of volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, education and mutual enrichment of national cultures;
  • Developing and ensuring the implementation and coordination of projects and programs in the field of education;
  • Assistance to low-income families, people with disabilities, orphans and single elderly people;
  • Assistance to local social institutions;
  • Increasing the availability and quality of education in children’s homes, higher and secondary educational institutions;
  • Assistance in the development of entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Protecting the environment and saving irreplaceable resources.

Total volunteers in 2018 – 397

Total volunteer hours for 2018 – 2,629

Total funds raised in 2018 – 25,571,168 KZT

Projects in Atyrau:

English Club. With the volunteers’ support in Atyrau University of Oil and Gas and Atyrau State University, meetings with students were organized.

  • In total 120 meetings were carried out;
  • 12 volunteers were involved;
  • 350 students participated

Guest lecture. After conducting interviews with higher educational institutions, the topics of guest vocational and technical lectures were determined. Yntymak team launched an information campaign among the employees of Tengizchevroil LLP for recruitment of interested volunteers.

  • 8 volunteers conducted training
  • more than 150 students participated

Hearing aids. Specially invited doctor from Almaty, Suyundyk Nusipbekov, specializing in children with hearing impairment, examined each child in advance and individually selected each hearing aid. With TCO and XYZ community of TCO employees support, 15 hearing aids were purchased for children from the Oblast Boarding School #3.

Youth House. Yntymak volunteers holds regular meetings with residents of the Youth House, where the graduates of the Children's homes of the city of Atyrau live from 17 to 23 years while they stand in line to receive their own housing from the state. In total 25 meetings were organized.

Children’s Adaption Centre. The Center temporarily accommodates children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 17 while they await the court's decision regarding their future. Yntymak program volunteers also conducted regular meetings with the center’s children. In total 35 meetings were organized.

Family-type children’s village “Shanyrak”. Volunteers organized visits, games, English classes and concerts for children

Nursing home for elderly and the disabled. Yntymak program volunteers visited nursing home for elderly and organized concerts with gifts.

Planting trees. TCO volunteers planted 30 trees like elm, ash, maple in the yard of Oblast Boarding School #3.

Cleanup event “Together for act of kindness” - cleaning of garbage from the territory allocated by the Atyrau City Akimat. In one day 1 “Kamaz” truck of garbage was collected and exported.

Special Library for blind and visually impaired citizens of Atyrau city. Were purchased chequeens, chess for the blind and visually impaired, a desktop tactile globe, Braille slates and devices for writing, as well as textbooks and books.

Collection and distribution of things

«Saving baby fish in the Ural river» - saved 20 000 baby fishes

School kits. 300 children received bags with school kits

Projects in Zhylyoi region:

  • Official representative office opened in Kulsary
  • Handicraft club for children with disabilities. This Center is visited by more than 80 children with such diagnoses as severe cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, autism. In total 25 lessons were organized
  • On May 30 a gala concert was organized in Kulsary dedicated to the Children's Day for children of Social Center. 70 pupils of the center received presents from the volunteers of Yntymak Program
  • Dressmaking and sewing clubs. 20 unemployed women from the socially vulnerable segments of the population during the month plunged into the world of sewing skill where they learned the subtleties of work on sewing machines and various solutions when sewing dresses
  • Leadership courses. 25 teenagers from Zhylyoi district received such trainings as: leadership, choice of profession, management of time and finances
  • Center for special needs children “Guldauren” – volunteers raised 660,000 KZT and purchased special equipment for the center
  • New Year festive event “Wish Tree”. Volunteers gained 720,000 KZT and purchased gifts for 38 children of Zhyloi district
  • School kits for pupils of boarding school in Koschagyl. 68 children received school uniform and kits
  • Guest lectures for students of Zhyloi oil and gas engineering college in Kulsary city
  • Open-air cinema
  • Collection and distribution of things. Within a year “Yntymak” program team collected clothes, toys and books. In 2018 such support was provided for 30 families in Kulsary city

British Council 

Project: “English for Success”

The project of the British Council “English for Success” is aimed at improving the quality of teaching, studying and assessing English proficiency, which in turn will open professional and academic opportunities for beneficiaries.


  1. Study and evaluation of the methodology of teaching English in Atyrau region and development of recommendations for its improvement
  2. Forming a group of instructors who will subsequently create a sustainable infrastructure throughout the region to train their colleagues
  3. Increase the attractiveness of teaching activities among students by their constant preparation for the future profession


192 Atyrau city and 7 district schools have been involved in the project. 

  1. Main group – 15 English language teachers
  2. Main group – 22 STEM teachers
  3. 233 school English teachers
  4. 297 school STEM teachers