Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lender Relations?

Lender Relations was established to enhance communication with our lenders.   


As a lender, where can I access detailed company information?

For general statistics about our previous year, please refer to Company Overview. Current creditors can view information on the secured Merrill Datasite once access is granted. Please refer to the Contact Information link for further guidance.  


What is the Merrill Datasite?

The Merrill Datasite is a third-party secured online database, where we keep updated records on company performance for the convenience of our lenders.  


How can I get an access to the Merrill Datasite?

If you are current lender, please contact us at


Whom can I contact with Lender related questions?

Please send us an email at 


How long until I hear back from Lender Relations?

We will respond in a timely matter. Some inquiries may require input from various part of the business which may delay our response.