TCO Milestones


Discovery of Tengiz field

Tengiz oil field, located on the west part of Kazakhstan, was discovered in 1979. 18 December 1979 the first well in the field gave oil from presalt formation at the depth of 4045 – 4095 metres.


Start of Tengiz development

From beginning to middle of the eighties of the past century drilling works were aggressively conducted on the territory of the field, and more than hundred wells were drilled.


Incident in well  T-37

In June 1985,  there was a fire in the well T-37. The fire lasted more than 400 days and was liquidated with assistance of specialists of the Cameron American company.


Creation of Tengizneftegas

Tengizneftegas Production Association was established in February 1985 to develop the giant field.


Start of construction activities at Tengiz

In early 1986 construction works were aggressively carried out in oil field facilities, with coming of spring  – in the plant area. specialists and constructors from Western German. France, Canada and Hungarian People's Republic arrived in Tengiz. The Hungarian company Vedepsier construction of the Tengiz gas processing plant - KTL-1 and KTL-2 jontly with Lurgi German company, Canadian Lavalin and American - Litvin companies as per the project developed by home oil institutes.


Launching Tengiz oil and gas complex

6 April 1991 Engineer Boris Vasilyev and operators Abdulkhamit Artygaliyev and Gafurin Aubakirov launched the well T-8. Crude oil was delivered to the plant complex for treatment from H2S and admixtures. Tengiz oilgas complex started.


Establishment of  Tengizchevroil JV

Since 6 April 1993 signing of the agreement about establishment of  Kazakh-American Joint Venture on development of Tengiz field took place in  Almaty. The Agreement was signed by President of the RoK Nursultan Nazarbayev and Head of American Chevron oil corporation Kenneth Derr.  The established joint venture was given the name - TENGIZCHEVROIL.

1993 - 1998

Creation of Bonus Fund Atyrau program

Implementation of a five-year social investment program Bonus Fund Atyrau started with the budget of  $50 million. Construction of automated boiler and natural gas pipeline started from the Redut village to the city boiler house with the capacity that is sufficient for furhter gas supply to the city and adjacent communities in Atyrau. As part of the Bonus Fund Atyrau program  agressive construction of bakery plant was in progress and d repair and re-equipment of Atyrau oblast hospital was completed. First aid assistance hospital was built in Kulsary and Atyrau Diagnostic Center equipped with modern medical device, and was put into opertation.


First modernization of oil complex

In 1997 the first major oil complex upgrade  was completed in Tengiz – the Debottlnecking project – Expansion of narrow areas was performed that allowed to increase annual oil production up to 7 million tons. In the same year works on furhter production capacity increase - Train 5 and Program 12 started. the projects were completed in 2001 and allowed to increase production up to 12 million tons.


Start of Egilik social infrastructure projects

New Egilik voluntary program (in translation from Kazakh - "benefit") was launched. As part of the current program on reconstruction of central bridge through the Ural river in Atyrau as well as improvement of the oblast center $4 million was allocated. In the following 2000 the budget of the program will make $5 million.


Launch of CPC pipeline

In early 2001 CPC pipeline was put into operation for transportation of Tengiz field to oil stations of the Black Sea port. 

2001 - 2008

Construction of SGP plant and SGI complex

In 2001, SGP/SGI activities started. Implementation of the first expansion project in the history of Kazakhstani oil industry was started in 2003 and successfully completed in 2008.

2006 - 2008

Annual budget of the Egilik program is $12 million


Operation of Second Generation Plant

SGP/SGI complex was put into operation by President of the RoK Nursultan Nazarbayev on 5 June 2008.

Second Generation Plant – the largest innovation project. Joint Venture Tengizchevroil has been a real corporate leader of oil and gas sector of the country. This project, that is worth  $7 billion, is the largest in CIS. "Its capacity will allow Kazkahstan to produce 25 million tons of oil per year. In addition, using advanced technology equipment will  considerably decrease hazardous air emission", Head of the State said.

2009 - 2012

By this year budget of the Egilik program is $20 million

Over the period of implementation of the Egilik program over $150 million was allocated for various infrastructure projects in the Atyrau oblast.


Production of crude oil achieved 25 millions tons

Annual oil production increased up to   25 million tons after driving SGP/SGI to the project capacity in 2009, i.e. almost doubled the plant capacity.


TCO is awarded with Paryz Grand Prize

In 2011, TENGIZCHEVROIL was awarded with Republican Paryz Grand Prize on social responsibility. The Awarding Ceremony was hosted in Astana, where President of Kazkahstan N. Nazarbayev. delivered the prize to TCO General Director Tim Miller.


TCO celebrates  20th anniversary since its formation

Over the past 20 years TCO's contribution to social programms and projects in the Atyrau oblast  exceeded  $800 million. Direct payments of the company to the Republic of Kazakhstan were more than $77 billion.


Creation of Kazakhstan's Maritime Academy

With direct participation and support of TCO and Kazakh-British Technical University (КBTU) the first Kazkahstan's Maritime Academy (KMA) was created and cadets were rectruited to the first course. KMA has been created  by the order of President Nursultan Nazarbayev Казахстана to support development of offhsore oil and gas fields and employment of Kazakhstan residents beyond traditional oilgas sector. Ceremony of educational institution was on 24 May 2013.


FGP-WPMP Final Investment Decision was announced

In July 2016, TCO Partners announced the Final Investment Decision on FGP-WPMP. This was a significant milestone for TCO and the Republic of Kazakhstan. These records and achievements are made possible by TCO’s highly skilled, professional and dedicated workforce. We will continue to invest in training and provide our workforce with experience-building development opportunities.