Sulfur Management

TCO sold 2.7 million metric tons of sulfur, which is 113 percent of the 2.4 million metric tons produced for the same period.

TCO sold its high quality sulfur in four different forms to 48 customers in 16 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine, China and other countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. TCO's sales team continues to expand our market presence.

The Interdepartmental Coordination Council

In 2006 TCO created the Interdepartmental Coordination Council (ICC) to study issues related to long term sulfur storage and identify methods to improve its management with support of the RoK Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (currently Ministry of Oil and Gas) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Ministry of Environment has endorsed studies confirming TCO's safe handling and open storage of sulfur following a series of studies undertaken by the Interagency Coordination Council and various independent scientific institutions chosen by representatives of the council.

The summary of reports affirms that Tengiz's's open sulfur storage results in insignificant environmental impact. Some of its key findings include:


  • Tengiz sulfur storage is conducted in accordance with Republic of Kazakhstan regulations and consistent with international practices
  • No impact is made on nearest communities whatsoever
  • Tengiz sulfur is of high purity and meets product standards (GOST 127.1)
  • No measureable impact is found on groundwater, air or soil
    • Sulfur content in water and soil samples do not differ from background levels
    • Sulfur dust levels are well below regulatory limits
  • Sulfur dust is to be mitigated with continued adherence to safety rules, which are established to protect sulfur personnel at TCO operations area
  • Formation of sulfur dioxide from block sulfur is impossible in normal operating conditions
  • Mercaptan compounds are not found in Tengiz block sulfur

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