At Tengizchevroil, our greatest asset is our employees; therefore a vital TCO strategy is continued investment in our team who work in Tengiz. From competitive compensation to world-class training programs; TCO has a long tradition of success in developing a workforce that can compete on an international level..

Tengizchevroil has a long tradition of offering one of the best employee benefits packages in Kazakhstan. The program covers housing, savings, support for employees’ families and health benefits.

TCO’s development programs have supported the advancement of employees to positions of increasing responsibility and skill. Tengizchevroil’s expatriate workforce is now below 13 percent, as Kazakhstani citizens hold 87 percent of TCO positions. Kazakhstani managers and supervisors hold 76 percent of TCO supervisor and manager positions. Over the last five years, 91 Kazakhstani citizens were placed in manager, supervisor and key technical position, replacing expatriates.

TCO’s success relies on our greatest asset, our Workforce. With safety always our primary focus, we respect and encourage diversity to attract, grow, and retain a skilled workforce that delivers superior results the right way. Our vision is supported by ensuring that we have the Right People with the Right Skills in the Right Places at the Right Times to deliver superior results.

We hire exceptional people who are empowered to think independently, take initiative and be innovative. TCO employees are skilled, knowledgeable and eager to help. The daily challenges of the energy industry make our company unique and a great place to work.


We strive to retain our quality personnel by offering long-term, career-building opportunities.