Working At TCO

Tengizchevroil has a long tradition of offering one of the best employee benefits packages in Kazakhstan. The program covers housing, savings, support for employees’ families and health benefits.

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

Tengizchevroil has a long tradition of respecting the rights of employees to join associations and choose representative organizations for the purpose of engaging in collective bargaining. TCO’s first collective agreement was signed in 1996, and TCO has continually worked with employee representative groups to update collective agreements since that time.

In 2010, we enhanced our social package when we signed a new collective agreement with our employees. Some key aspects of our employment program are: enhanced compensation packages, a pay for performance process, international development assignments and world-class training programs. The 131 percent increase in TCO’s training budget since the year 2008, from $3.6 to $8.3 million in 2012, illustrates the company’s emphasis on continued improvement for our workforce.

TCO also encourages contractors to develop collective agreements for their employees and more than 30 TCO contractors have registered agreements with the local Labor Department.

Housing Loan Program

TCO’s hallmark program has been the interest free mortgage loan program offered to employees. With more than 500 loans equaling more than $59 million given over the life of the program since April 2010, TCO’s housing loan program has enabled employees to improve their quality of life.

Employees who might have struggled to get a loan before are given the chance to improve the living conditions of their families and avoid high interest rates sometimes associated with traditional loans. The program is one of the most popular employee benefits; many employees apply for a second loan once their first one is paid.

Medical Insurance

Republic of Kazakhstan insurance companies provided the majority of medical insurance coverage to all national TCO employees and their family members in 2012. This equated to 6000 insured units. TCO covered all payments of services in the standard categories for employees.

Employees Savings Program

TCO’s savings matching program encourages and rewards employees for saving money. Employees can place up to 10 percent of their annual salary into the savings program and TCO will match three percent of their salary. The full amount will accrue at a high rate of interest over three years, at which point the employee can use the money any way they please. TCO matching increases over the life of the program.

Support of Healthy Lifestyle

TCO has several programs that support the health of employees and their families. Employees have the opportunity to select health care insurance packages from one of Kazakhstan’s top providers of health care services.

Rotational employees at Tengiz are provided for at TCO’s world-class clinics on-site. These facilities provide annual check-ups for employees and other routine and emergency care as needed.

Tengiz-based employees have access to top-quality recreational and sports facilities while they are working on-site.

In Tengiz, there are also several sports competitions and events throughout the year to promote exercise as an important to part of a healthy lifestyle. Atyrau-based employees enjoy highly subsidized memberships to identified local fitness and sports centers and many participate in the annual Zhelayak Fun Run created by Tengizchevroil employees.

In 2012, TCO arranged two volleyball, three mini-football and two basketball tournaments among oil and gas industry companies. The competitions involved 33 football, 14 basketball and 14 volleyball sport teams with over 730 participants in Atyrau and Tengiz.