2016 Community Investment Projects

Youth Public Organization Independent Generation of Kazakhstan (IGK) | My professional choice

The aim of the project: developing vocational self-determination culture in students through vocational guidance support to students in the process of choosing a training profile and branch of future professional activity.

The project consisted of three trends: children's education, cooperation with specialists from educational institutions and the interaction with parents.

The target audience was teenagers from socially vulnerable groups: children aged 15 to 18, pupils of secondary schools named after Satpayev and Lomonosov, children's family type village and pupils of secondary schools #1 and 2 in Koschagyl village and #9 in Kulsary.

At the beginning of the project a round table with a presentation of the project was held which was attended by the directors of educational institutions including those raising orphans and children left without parental care; the issue of arranging vocational guidance in schools and the choice of future profession for Grade 9 graduates was discussed. Master classes for Technology teachers were held in Atyrau and Zhylyoi Region where teachers could learn to work with tools and arrange club for designing from wood and metal. The training was conducted within three areas: fabric, wood and metal designing. Three machines for woodwork were purchased one of which was placed in the school No. 2 in Zhylyoi Region, others two were placed in a children’s family type village and school named after Satpaev. The project results are remarkable: children and Technology teachers mastered the skill of making fine handmade on a professional level.

Trainings on vocational guidance and vocational testing were held with recommendations on admission and choice of profession for 245 students of Grade 9. Trainings on the organization of vocational guidance work were carried out for 343 teachers.

With the support of Tengizchevroil LLP and according to the memorandum between Independent Generation of Kazakhstan YPO and Atyrau Oblast Chamber of Entrepreneurs, excursions to urban enterprises were held for 300 students from project schools. Accompanied by psychologists and teachers, the students visited a number of large enterprises and institutions of the region.

Overall, the project covered 1,403 participants.

Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) | Zharkyra Social Entrepreneurship Development Program in Atyrau and Zhylyoi Region

The aim of the project: to promote innovative social initiatives aimed at ensuring sustainable entrepreneurial solutions to social, economic and environmental issues of the communities in Atyrau city and Zhylyoi Region.

Zharkyra program is unique for Kazakhstan as it includes a full cycle of support for social entrepreneurs. As a result of introductory workshops and awareness campaigns up to 10,000 inhabitants of Atyrau Region have known about social entrepreneurship. Resulting from two-stage competition, 6 social projects with business foundation were selected among 72 candidates:

  • Oleg Kozedub, 98 points, the project: Children's Cultural Center “Skazka”
  • Salima Sarbalina, 90 points, the project: Medical room “Meyіrіm” for cardiovascular system diagnostics
  • Nurlan Shegirov, 90 points, the project: "Meyіr-Nur"Center for treatment children with cerebral palsy using hippotherapy Damira Temirkhanova, 90 points, the project: Academy of Internet specialists
  • Aigul Maktaubaeva, 90 points, the project: Social hairdresser
  • Elvira Aytueva, 85 points, the project: Neurorehabilitation center “Life after a stroke”.

Program participants had 80 hours of training on marketing, finance, public speaking and social entrepreneurship, strategic planning as well as 38 hours of individual consultations. In addition, they completed professional internship in Moscow, Astana and Almaty, purchased necessary equipment to launch and develop their projects. Six social projects supported by “Zharkyra” in their turn provided services to more than 9,500 residents of Atyrau and Zhylyoi Region in 2016.

In the coming year, 2016 winners will continue to get consulting support from EFCA and its partners. They will participate in the mentoring program and will take part in social entrepreneurship events in Kazakhstan and neighboring Russia.

New Information Impulse | Tech Age Society

The aim of the project: to train the population of Atyrau city and Zhylyoi Region for information and communication technologies (ICT).

Since the beginning of 2016 the project covered 843 people from 39 organizations; 345 ICT trainings were held.

Project participants were teachers, kindergarten nurses, unemployed people, graduates from orphanages and boarding schools, single mothers from Moms House, employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

All participants completed trainings of different levels, from beginner to advanced and received certificates of participation. During the trainings students learned not only how to use programs such as MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word but also how they can be used by them at workplace, e.g. in the classroom by teachers. Websites and e-mails at gmail.com were created for beneficiaries as well as useful resources such as the creation of online tests and surveys were studied that is significant for teachers and NGO staff.

In summer Computer teachers had intensive in-depth trainings on new Microsoft software: Skype in the classroom, MS Sway on-line presentations, MS One-drive, AutoCollage and Cinema. These programs allow teachers to present learning material in a more interesting and interactive way which in turn contributes to a better acquirement of information.

The technical coordinator of the project checked computer classrooms of participating organizations and repaired 31 computers.

Trainings were held in the computer labs of the organizations with the use of additional notebooks of the project as well as in NII’s computer lab.

British Council | Capacity Building Initiative for English Language Teachers in Atyrau city

The aim of the project: to fulfil a program with the main goal of enhancing the level of language and quality of English language teaching amongst the English language teachers and teachers of other subjects teaching in English in Atyrau.

To achieve the goal, the following objectives were set out:

  • To build the professional capacity of English teachers to improve their level of classroom performance;
  • To create a pool of teacher-trainers to disseminate know-how, skills and methodology amongst their peers and to set up a sustainable infrastructure for teacher training in the region;
  • To provide access to high-quality English language teaching materials including online resources for teachers and learners to provide opportunities for further continuing professional development;
  • To incorporate the project within the local education authority's mainstream training programs.

The project was implemented in full compliance with the above set project goal and objectives. Basing the project in Atyrau produced significant benefits, served a larger population and facilitated the implementation of the different aspects of the project. The mix of locally-based regular training by a native-speaker, locally based training by a British Council expert and UK-based training for a small cohort has worked well. In addition to a number of face-to-face and online training, school visits, lesson observations, mentoring teachers and trainers, competitions for teachers and students, English language and STEM festival were well accepted and appreciated by teachers, students and a wider community.

Strong partnership set up with Atyrau State University and International Youth Foundation within their project “Zangar” funded by Chevron was a good example of mutual collaboration that made great impact in the joint event ‘English and STEM’ festival. The aim of the festival was to raise impact and promote English, STEM-education and teacher-training among teachers, university students and lecturers, learners and parents and motivate learners for better learning and teaching of English.

A notable innovation to dissemination activities in 2016 was the addition announcement of courses, events and posting of photographs and comments on Facebook, alongside the use of social media for training, communication and community-building amongst the course participants. 

The project resulted in increasing the number of teachers, students and a wider Atyrau community involved in the project, strengthening partnership with key partners and raising the profile of Tengizchevroil and British Council as organizations contributing to the development of the educational sector.

Numbers and facts:

  • About 500 English teachers from schools, universities, and language centres participated in the project;
  • 149 teachers tested on language proficiency;
  • 90 participants attended a regular Effective Lesson Practices program;
  • 37 university and college students of the pedagogical faculties trained and received certificates;
  • 46 subject teachers trained on language proficiency;
  • 197 teachers trained in Summer School for teachers of Atyrau Region;
  • 5 teachers trained in Leicester University, UK and cascaded training to local teachers after the training; 
  • 12 training programs in English language and teaching area delivered;
  • About 500 people of a wider Atyrau community attended the “English & STEM” festival;
  • 500 followers of the project on Facebook;
  • 6 mass media mentions about the project

NGO PYXERA Global | Yntymak Community Development Program

The aim of the project: to address the needs of the local community in Atyrau and Kulsary through volunteers by increasing the social capital of the local community for sustainable economic prosperity.

‘Tengizchevroil’ LLP and NGO PYXERA GLOBAL became partners in the implementation of the community development program called “Yntymak” in March 2012. It has significantly expanded in its scope and role from the original skills-based volunteerism approach. And now Yntymak project is well recognized in Atyrau and supported by the local community.

First half of the year PYXERA Global focused on further strengthening entrepreneurial skills among youth, women-oralmans and people with special needs. The project has conducted needs assessment, business trainings and a business case competition to identify and support aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 1H 2016 120 volunteers contributed 922 hours to the TCO-supported local community activities.

During the second half of the year Yntymak Program focused on extension of English club classes and skills based volunteer visits to Children’s Adaptation Center and Youth House as well as organizing volunteer marathons to help and support low income families and people in need. The program started English club meetings at Shanyrak orphanage, Children’s Adaptation center, Youth House and additional meetings for all interested in speaking English language at project’s office. There were about 50 educational volunteer marathons.

Additionally, Yntymak Program organized volunteer activities and fundraising initiatives engaging TCO employees and family members. In second half of the year 212 volunteers donated 1,301 volunteer hours participating in volunteer activities.

Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians (KAFP) | Empowering the Community to reduce and manage Hypertension in Atyrau Oblast

The aim of is the project: to prevent heart attacks and strokes by improving detection and management of cardio-vascular diseases at the primary care level and boosting the capacity of patients for self-care.

In 2016 KAFP engaged with healthcare workers through direct and online clinical training. Based on the existing pool of trained doctors KAFP has launched a tailor made program for a selected number of talented doctors and their nurses from Atyrau and rural areas. The doctors and nurses went through a rigorous training which included direct face-to-face training, online daily clinical case parsing of the patients assigned to the doctors, and regular monitoring of doctors’ performance.

By the end of the year the study group of 85 patients achieved the following results: 62% of the patients achieved blood pressure rates (less than 140/90); heart rate decreased (less than 70 beats per minute) in 72%; regular conversations of nurses with patients allowed to decrease body mass index in 35%; changing dietary habits and regular intake of statins decreased cholesterol in 50%.  

Targeting the most motivated doctors, KAFP also ran an online consultancy for physicians for the purpose of education, evidence-based approach training, clinical discussion, consultation, support, and information dissemination. The WhatsApp group served more than 200 doctors and had daily clinical cases parsing from 9:00 to 18:00 led by the KAFP.

KAFP outreach to general public involved recruiting and training of local talents from the Atyrau Medical College who became conductors of KAFP public campaign to control blood pressure. In 2016 team of 14 volunteers together with the KAFP staff conducted blood pressure checkups and other checkups (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides) for 4,677 persons in the Atyrau trade center, Atyrau University, and city polyclinic #7 revealing:

  • high blood pressure in every fourth person;
  • elevated glucose in every fourth person;
  • elevated cholesterol in every second person;
  • elevated triglycerides in every third person.

 Also a “Healthy Heart” program was launched in Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University to screen the faculty and the staff for blood pressure and blood tests, to identify complicated cases, and arrange the in house hypertension school for patients.  35 members of faculty and staff have attended the school and achieved stable results in controlling their blood pressure.

All these and other activities were covered by a local press and in social media. As of now, there are 6,552 followers on KAFP page, and 3,108 followers on Healthy Heart Kazakhstan page with post outreach of more than ~ 500,000 people.