Emergency Response and Oil Spill Readiness

Part of corporate responsibility is maintaining the capability to respond quickly and effectively to operational emergencies should they occur. 

We regularly train our emergency response teams so they are ready to act quickly to mitigate the impacts of incidents. These teams are comprised of more than 500 employees who are trained in various aspects of emergency response and are available at any time to respond to any incident. Team members represent a range of skill sets associated with spill and other incident response. They are trained on the incident command system and participate in regular exercises to maintain their skills. Response plans are updated to capture lessons from these exercises. In 2011 and 2012, several drills were held across the company, covering both operational and natural incidents.

While the Tengiz oilfield is onshore; TCO does have a program to support the trans-shipment of Tengiz crude from Aktau to Baku. The first priority is always prevention. Tankers used to transport TCO’s crude follow International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulatory standards.

Tengizchevroil also has representatives on-site in contractor facilities during loading and unloading in order to ensure safety. TCO contracts with two spill response contractors dedicated to Tier 2 spill response - National Response Company (NRC) in Aktau and Briggs Marine in Baku. NRC has the capability to respond to a range of land–based, coastal and near-shore oil spill scenarios to include coverage of the Kazakhstan portion of the Caspian territorial and international waters. Land response provided by NRC includes transport (road, rail and pipeline) routes in western Kazakhstan. More than 80 percent of NRC personnel are Kazakhstani citizens.

Response capability in Azerbaijan has the ability to respond to a range of oil spill scenarios to include coverage of the Azerbaijan portion of the Caspian territorial and international waters.

Additionally, our partner companies maintain active memberships in international oil spill cooperatives and have access to expert external consultants and contractors, including the oil spill cooperative Oil Spill Response, Ltd (OSRL). This organization specializes in incident management, wildlife management, oil spill and air dispersion modeling, toxicology, chemistry, fire fighting, communications, shipping and salvage.