Environment Monitoring System

To ensure that our operations continue to have as little environmental effect as possible, Tengizchevroil operates a system of continuous environmental monitoring in the territory of our operations.

This system gathers, systemizes and analyses information related to the sources and factors of impact, and the environmental condition as a whole. All components of the natural environment – atmospheric air, water and soils are monitored in order to ensure that TCO’s activity does not cause harm to the environment, nor to the health of our workforce or the population of the nearest communities (95 kilometers away).

Our integrated environmental monitoring program is carried out by TCO and licensed contractors. TCO’s Industrial Control Program is reviewed and approved by several local and state agencies such as the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Atyrau Sanitary Epidemiological Station.


There are 12 automated stationary environmental air monitoring stations within and outside the Sanitary Protection Zone around Tengiz as well as fixed monitoring stations in one of the closest rotational villages, New Karaton (a 95 kilometer distance from Tengiz), and the closest industrial rotational village (20 kilometers away from our operations). These air monitoring stations have not detected any violations of the air quality standards established by the government.

In addition, a mobile laboratory is used daily to monitor the area near the plant’s emissions stacks. Readings are taken upwind from the plants at a distance of 16 kilometers to identify background values for the substances being monitored. Samples are also taken downwind from the Tengiz plants at distances of 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 16 kilometers, and at the border of the Sanitary Protection Zone.

All air measurement data is done in accordance with the government endorsed and approved annual program on environmental monitoring. All readings are relayed to the Tengiz central control room, where operators can act immediately if there are ever any abnormal levels.

In 2014, TCO completed upgrading all 12 existing environment monitoring stations, by renewal of gas analyzers and installation of weather stations which has helped to significantly increase the reliability of monitoring system and to greatly improve understanding of the local environment.


TCO draws samples from 95 points across wind paths within and outside the Tengiz Sanitary Protection Zone in order to ensure that local soils remain uncontaminated. Samples are taken from two depths.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

The Tengiz operating area is rich with a wide variation of flora and fauna. There are 266 bird species known to reside in the TCO operations area and adjacent territories, including several rare and endangered species listed in the Kazakhstani Red Book. There is also a wide variety of mammals, reptiles and amphibians living in and around the Tengiz area.