Minimizing Water Use

TCO recognizes the value of fresh water as a fundamental social, environmental and economic resource.

Our commitment to minimizing our use of fresh water through resource conservation is especially important in the arid region where Tengiz is located. Tengizchevroil currently receives fresh water delivered through a 500 kilometer pipeline from the Kygach River which also provides fresh water for agriculture and households in the Zhylyoi region. At the Tengiz facilities, this water is used for a variety of residential and industrial purposes from drinking, showers and laundry to irrigation and plant needs.


Building on several water-minimization projects, TCO is constructing an integrated water management system in Tengiz. Driven by reduced risk, improved reliability and enhanced environmental performance, the integrated water management system is intended to minimize TCO’s water use, provide better quality technical water and conserve fresh water. The new system includes wastewater treatment and water recycling facilities. These new facilities will modernize TCO’s water management systems, originally built in the late 1980s.


The wastewater treatment facility will treat an average of 6,000 cubic meters (1.6 million gallons) per day of wastewater generated by TCO’s employee and contractor living facilities. The water recycling facility will yield 3,596 cubic meters (0.95 millions of gallons) per day of recycled water for use at the Tengiz plant.