Waste Management

Tengizchevroil is a leader throughout Kazakhstan in the re-use, recycle and treatment of wastes. In 2011 and 2012, we applied new technologies and built new facilities that meet international standards for waste management - a concrete crushing unit, plastics baling press, and medical waste sterilizer.

TCO donates wood and concrete generated at the Tengiz production facilities to the community, allowing for re-use of these materials. TCO is also implementing a program that will significantly increase reuse and recycling, further reducing the quantity of waste sent for disposal.

In 2012, TCO’s materials management program demonstrated the increasing capacity of local Kazakh recyclers, achieving positive results in the thermal treatment of oily sludge and soils; bioremediation pilot of drilling cuttings in Kulsary; and recycling of used tires and plastic. Specifically, 5952 tons of oily sludge and soil, 2737 tons of drilling cuttings, and 80 tons of plastic wastes were treated or recycled by third parties.