TCO is developing another major expansion of Tengiz production that will produce significant numbers of jobs and large-scale use of Kazakhstani goods and services

Crude production increase by
12 000 000


Number of Kazakhstani citizens employed

33 000

Kazakhstani goods & services spent in 2017

1.12 billion

US Dollars

FGP-WPMP will be built of modules fabricated in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and transported to the Tengiz oilfield for final assembly.

Fabricated modules will be then shipped from international fabrication sites to transshipment bases, then through the Russian Inland Waterway System (RIWS) into the Caspian Sea for final delivery to the Cargo Offloading Facility in Prorva peninsula near the Tengiz oilfield. The modules will then travel by road transport to the oilfield. 3 Module Carrying Vessels are being built to operate in the Caspian Sea by KazMorTransFlot. A fleet of purpose built tug boats will also be deployed in the Caspian Sea.

A new Cargo Transportation Route is being constructed from Prorva peninsula at the Northeast Caspian to the Tengiz oilfield. This includes a 71 km marine access channel, cargo offloading and storage facilities and a haul road.