High Performance

Thanks to the efforts of our workforce in 2017, TCO once again delivered a record level of oil and natural gas production, strengthening our reputation as a stable and reliable performer and trusted company that contributes to Kazakhstan’s economic growth.

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Production and Product Sales in 2017:

(in tonnes)

28.7 million

(in tonnes)

1.38 million

Dry Gas
(in cubic meters)

7.45 billion

(in tonnes)

2.49 million


  • SGI/SGP and KTL facilities demonstrated world-class reliability of 98 percent
  • Safely and efficiently completed the KTL Train 5 turnaround ahead of schedule, within budget and with zero Days Away From Work

Energy for the Future

The Future Growth Project-Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP), one of the largest major capital projects across the global energy industry, has commenced and is expected to increase total daily production at Tengiz by about 260,000 barrels per day to approximately 1 million barrels of oil equivalent at peak. This next phase of Tengiz expansion will provide significant benefits to the country and to generations of Kazakhstani people for years to come.

FGP-WPMP has project execution centers at 19 locations in 11 different countries. 

In 2017, the FGP-WPMP workforce achieved over 25 million man hours with zero Days Away From Work. At year end, there were more than 28,000 Kazakhstanis working in Project Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction.

The Сargo Transportation Route (CaTRo): Construction of the marine channel and control fill of the turning basin completed in August 2017


Investments in next-generation Information Technology (IT) initiatives at TCO, including in analytics, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies, are improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of our operations. For example, the Integrated Operations Center (IOC) at TCO’s KTL (Russian for Complex Technology Lines) plant uses a set of orchestrated, repeatable workflows that have been implemented in phases since 2015. The new workflows facilitate collaboration between operations, maintenance, process engineering and automation teams to make quality decisions and maximize daily production.

TCO IT has developed and deployed several additional technology solutions to improve safety and business performance. 

In 2017, a safety audit of TCO operations identified fatigue among drivers as a root cause of motor vehicle accidents. In response, TCO IT deployed a technology solution in a pilot program involving 50 vehicles, including buses and dump trucks operating in the field, which decreased fatigue-related accidents by 96 percent. The new driver fatigue management system uses cameras, face-monitoring and AI to detect and alert drivers with a beep or a buzz when it appears they are getting drowsy or distracted. The pilot program was so successful that the system is being deployed to 450 vehicles in the operations fleet and is expected to significantly increase safety among our drivers, particularly as activity levels rise with progression of FGP-WPMP.

Well integrity technology is designed to mitigate the risk of an uncontrolled release of fluids through the lifecycle of a well. It is one of the most important solutions for ensuring process safety at TCO. Timely identification of problems in a well, such as an increase in the casing pressure, is crucial for ensuring well integrity. It’s also important for compliance with government regulations on health, environment and safety rules. 

TCO business and IT leaders are in the process of implementing further solutions for well flowback analytics and motor vehicle safety, and working on a three-year plan to implement prioritized opportunities that may leverage additional digital technologies such as augmented reality, robotic process automation, robotics and blockchain to optimize the business.

TCO Management is also actively developing data science skillsets among Kazakhstani employees through mentorship and on-the-job training assignments lasting nine months or more.