Integrity and Trust

TCO works to build productive, collaborative and beneficial relationships with local communities, government, businesses, customers and employees

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In 2017, TCO held FGP-WPMP Consultation Meetings with over 550 community members in Atyrau and Mangystau Oblasts. TCO representatives and Subject Matter Experts met with residents from Atyrau and Zhylyoi District communities, including Kulsary, Zhana Karaton, Koschagyl, Shokpartogay, Turgyzba, Akkiiztogay, Maikumgen, Rotational Village in Tengiz, Aktau and the villages of Borankul, Kuryk and Bautino in Mangystau Oblast.

The objective of FGP-WPMP Consultation Meetings is to provide communities with status updates and information on the progress of the project. Consultation Meetings offer a platform for community members to raise any questions or provide feedback they might have regarding FGP-WPMP and other major capital projects, as well as existing TCO operations. TCO welcomes the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from our stakeholders regarding our base business and FGP-WPMP operations. 

Through our Consultation Meetings, TCO has learned that the communities’ greatest concerns involve safety and environment protection, jobs and training for Kazakhstani workers, working conditions, infrastructure, social projects, Tengiz field performance, FGP-WPMP activities, and conservation efforts to protect Caspian Sea flora and fauna.  

TCO also conducts annual Community Advisory Council (CAC) Meetings with stakeholders in Atyrau and Zhylyoi districts. Members of the CAC are representatives of Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi District akimats, media, NGO, and business associations. 

TCO Management participates in annual meetings with Government Representatives and Members of Parliament in Astana to share information and field questions on TCO’s performance. TCO leaders also hold annual media engagements with national media outlets.
Since 2017, TCO has dedicated Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) in the Zhylyoi District and Mangystau Oblast. CLOs facilitate and attend regular meetings with local stakeholder groups, including NGOs, community elders, and workers in 13 locations to communicate FGP-WPMP progress and receive feedback from community members regarding TCO’s activities.

Feedback Process

More of our community stakeholders are utilizing TCO’s formal Feedback Process. In 2017, we received over 370 inquiries from the communities where we operate. Most community inquiries are regarding employment and business opportunities. Others seek information about the company’s operations, projects, internships, and marketing opportunities. TCO has several mechanisms to provide feedback, including email, a toll-free telephone line, post address and feedback boxes located in Atyrau Oblast including Tengiz and Mangystau Oblast. 

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