Journalists' Contest Announcement

Aug 09, 2017

The next year it will be the quarter of a century since the foundation of Tengizchevroil LLP, which is a vivid example of cooperation in the modern energy sector. On April 6, 1993 President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Chairman of the Board of Chevron Corporation Kenneth Derr signed an Agreement on the establishment of Tengizchevroil joint venture. After this historical moment within twenty-five years the company has become the largest oil-and-gas producing company of Kazakhstan and as a result of constant development fairly takes a leading position in the world market of power resources.


Twenty-five years! This is the history of the company, one of the first to prove the efficency of attracting foreign investments, this is the history of operational safety, which is a key factor in the whole company’s activity, this is the history of operational reliability and environmental responsibility, this is the history of training qualified personnel, this is the history of cooperation with all stakeholders, based on mutual respect, this is the history of investments in the local community and the people, this is the history of the Kazakhstani content development, this is the history of the beginning of the world scale Future Growth Project, this is the history of a significant contribution to the social and economic development of not only Atyrau oblast, but also the country as a whole! In a word - it's a twenty-five-year history of Tengiz, which became the property of the whole country.


In this regard,Tengizchevroi, LLP, Atyrau-Akparat LLP together with the regional organization of the Kazakhstan Journalists’ Union announces a contest for the best works among the media and journalists of Atyrau oblast on the topic "Tengiz – heritage of the country" dedicated to upcoming 25th Anniversary of TCO.


This Provision sets out Atyrau Oblast Journalists’ and Media Contest (hereinafter – the Contest) conditions for best publications on the topic "Tengiz – heritage of the country".


The Contest Organizers are Tengizchevroil LLP, Atyrau-Akparat LLP and Oblast Enterprise of Kazakhstan Journalists Union.


Tengizchevroil LLP 


The purpose of the contest is to activate participation of journalists and media and assist in publication of stories in printed and e-media and TV about input of oil and gas companies into economy of Kazakhstan. To draw public attention to the dynamics of energy resources development in the age of new innovative tendencies and to promote the formation of positive public opinion.

Motivate the work of journalists and the media, comprehensively covering topics relating to oil and gas industry.



3.1. Journalists of editorial staff at TV companies, radio stations, print and internet news resources, private correspondents of republican media in the Atyrau Oblast as well as TV, radio and print media in the Oblast.

NOTE If a publication has several authors, the application to the Contest may be submitted by any of it, and the prize is shared proportionally among them all.

3.2. The Contest procedure requires provision of the following: 

  • for printed media: electronic copy in Word format and scanned copy of the publication, and also originals of all publications and their copies with the media seal on each page with date of issue and media name;
  • for internet media: electronic copy in Word format, Print Screen and link to the story placed in the internet;
  • for TV and radio: video of the program or story (on disk) and hyperlink for general resource in internet, and also encrypted text of the program or story on hardcopy in Word.  

3.3. Requests for participation are accepted by March 12, 2018, Atyrau, Tengizchevroil HQ, PGPA. 
3.4. Materials received for participation in the Contest are not referenced and not returned. 
3.5. Information about announcement of the Contest and summarizing is placed on Tengizchevroil’s corporate website and in Oblast media.  



4.1. The request for participation should include:

  • Full name, job title, pen-name (if available in the contest materials);
  • Name of the media or the internet resource, where the contest story was published;
  • Data about the contest material (title, issue date);
  • Mail and e-mails, phone number.  

If an author has a pen–name, the participant shall submit a document, which confirms that this pen name belongs to the participant, and the document shall be signed by a representative of the media or internet resource.  



5.1. The Contest Organizers form and approve the Jury Panel consisting of no less than 9 members.  


6.1. Contest results shall be announced no later than March 28, 2018, on the eve of celebration of Tengizchevroil LLP’s 25th anniversary.
6.2. Contest results are communicated to community through Oblast media, and also via corporate website 
6.3.  As a result of the contest, prizes will be presented in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of representatives of the Oblast Akimat, Tengizchevroil LLP, Atyrau-Akparat LLP and the regional organization of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.


7.1. Announcement about start of the Contest – July, 2017 in Oblast media, and also via corporate website 
7.2. Contest winners are identified through assessing for 0-10 points for each of submitted materials of a participant. 
7.3. Final assessment of each participant is formed via summing all points by all Jury members. 
7.4. Contest winners in each nomination are identified based on maximum sum of gained points.   
7.5. Clarifications and consultations on the Contest are given by TCO PGPA via e-mail: and phone +7 712 302 6820