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Atyrau EcoFair 2023 Scientific Exhibition

Bilim Barine Public Foundation organized the Atyrau EcoFair 2023 Science Exhibition for school and college students of the Atyrau Oblast as part of the TCO Social Investment Program. The project is aimed at promoting environmental protection and application of green innovative technologies in the Atyrau Oblast. A competition of eco-projects and exhibits was held among school and college students of the Atyrau Oblast, for which they had been preparing since the beginning of 2023. 10 teams were selected. Participants showed high interest in environmental protection and ways to prevent and solve both global and local environmental issues.

Farhad KABEN, project participant:

- Our project is called "Environmentally Friendly Roads". In our group's research, we concluded that road surfaces made of recycled plastic have several advantages: they are wear-resistant, cheap to produce, do not emit CO2, and can be easily repaired. Through this project we would like to talk more about such alternative and less environmentally harmful ways of human life.

Media coverage of the project:


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Green School

In 2023, PF "Ecologica" joined the Social Investment Program with the project "Green School". The main idea of the project was to instill environmental behavior skills in children aged 9 to 14 and their parents. Kekilbaev School #41 was the experimental site for the project. 380 students from grades 3 to 9 take part in the project. "As you all know, environmental issues are very important for the Atyrau Oblast. Therefore, I am very glad that such an innovative and green project is being implemented in one of our schools. I wish this project a great success," said Yerlan Slambekov, head of the Regional Department of Education. Lessons were held in 5 areas of environmental protection, namely: lessons on energy conservation, water conservation, separate waste collection, recycling, and tree planting. In the six months of the year, children planted 250 indoor plants, 30 different trees and 8 shrubs. They also collected 38 kg of paper waste and 20 kg of plastic bottles, which were later sent for recycling. Moreover, a greenhouse was built on the school grounds, where they will now hold classes, grow flowers for the schoolyard, vegetables, and herbs.

Media coverage of the project:

Atyrau School 41 Students Get Their Own Greenhouse - AtyrauPress – Atyrau Oblast Media Resource (

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Effective Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities

As part of the Social Investment Program, the Public Foundation "Biz de Adambiz" will implement two projects in 2023, one of which is Effective Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities. This project is a logical continuation of the previous two years. However, starting this year, training is conducted by Kazakhstani trainers from among wheelchair users of the Biz de Adambiz Foundation. Using the peer-to-peer method, they consult and train wheelchair users, hold conversations with people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation and have moved to wheelchairs. In addition, this year the geography of the project was expanded: now the camp of effective rehabilitation is also held in the Zhylyoi District. - By joining the camp, I learned a lot of new things. In many cases, I was able to do on my own what my loved ones did for me, for example, changing clothes, moving from place to place. When I found out that the camp would be held in Atyrau, where participants would engage in swimming and much more, I decided to take part in it,” shared Nurzhan Zhakupov. 6 residents of the Foundation were employed, beneficiaries are actively involved in social life. On June 24, the first fishing tournament among wheelchair users in Kazakhstan was organized. Training is provided to stakeholders, namely railway station, airport, governmental agencies, medical institutions, as well as medical students in communication skills with people with disabilities, rules of transportation of people with disabilities and wheelchair operation in professional activities, etc.

Media coverage of the project:

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Hippotherapy in Atyrau

In 2023, TCO continued its cooperation with Atyrau Small Country Public Association under the Social Investment Program. In the first six months of the year alone, Yerlan Kumiskaliev provided hippotherapy sessions to 39 children with severe mental retardation from the Center for Special Social Services #3, 151 patients with group 1 & 2 disabilities from the Atyrau Regional Rehabilitation Center, as well as 12 people from the Center for Special Social Services #4 (Home for the Elderly and People with Disabilities). Patients experience a general improvement in their condition: improvement of blood pressure, sleep duration, general motor skills, as well as better anger management, and correction of impulsive violent behavior towards others in special project participants.

Media coverage of the project:

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Hippotherapy in Kulsary

As part of the Social Investment Program in 2023, the project of the Public Association "Atyrau Small Country" continued its activities in the Zhylyoi District. In the first six months of the year, 17 children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder underwent hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding). General improvement of the patients' condition and positive dynamics of the musculoskeletal apparatus were observed with strengthening of the back’s muscular corset and improvement of "round back" problem. In addition, children with spastic cerebral palsy have decreased muscle hypertonus, beneficiaries note relief in walking and improvement of hand motor skills. During the treatment period, almost all children learned to sit independently on a horse. A teenager*, 18 years old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia has been participating in the project since March. He notes a decrease in tension in his lower limbs, ease of walking, and plans to participate in equestrian parasport in the future. *The patient's name is not disclosed to protect the patient's personal data.

Media coverage of the project:

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Improving Treatment and Awareness of Non-communicable Diseases in the Zhylyoi District

Health care projects are one of the key focus areas of the 2023 Social Investment Program. The Association of Family Doctors of Kazakhstan (AFDK) is implementing a project in the Zhylyoi District to improve treatment and raise awareness of non-communicable diseases. The project consists of several components: training of medical personnel, awareness raising and public health monitoring. Thus, 20 clinical courses for doctors and nursing staff were conducted. AFDK doctors also conducted appointments and consultations of complicated patients with chronic heart failure, diabetes, asthma, breast/ovarian cancer, kidney diseases. 10 medical examination campaigns were conducted to determine blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels for 712 residents of Kulsary at the Berkad Shopping Center. In addition, doctors from the Zhylyoi District visited Taraz, Zhambyl Oblast, to exchange experience and knowledge. Project results show an improvement in medical staff's early detection skills.

Media coverage of the project:

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Introduction of Early Intervention Program in the Atyrau Oblast

BolashakK Public Foundation also implements two healthcare projects, one of which is Introduction of Early Intervention Program in the Atyrau Oblast. The project was proposed by Bisenova Zhibek's team to minimize childhood disability, improve the quality of life and promote social integration of both children with neuropsycho-motor disorders and their families. Identifying various pathologies at an early stage of children's development greatly facilitates further treatment, the Foundation's specialists say. As part of the project, more than 10,000 parents received consultations from trained specialists at local clinics under the Early Intervention Program, and 50 children were rehabilitated under the program directly at the BolashakK RC. In addition, 215 medical staff of pilot outpatient clinics, psychological-medical-pedagogical commissions, city and regional maternity hospitals, and Atyrau Children's Home were trained under the Early Intervention Program, thus, the specialists of the Foundation contributed to the development of medical practices and child health care. Field sessions were held, including in the Zhylyoi District, during which 100 children received counseling.

Media coverage of the project:

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Rehabilitation Specialist Development in the Atyrau Oblast

Second project implemented by BolashakK Public Foundation as part of the Social Investment Program is rehabilitation specialist development in the Atyrau Oblast. Through this project, specialists of the center can pass on their experience and knowledge not only to rehabilitation specialists throughout the region, but also to parents of children with special needs, employees of special centers, etc. According to BolashakK Foundation, in addition to the consultations received from rehabilitation specialists, parents and rehabilitation patient caregivers should be able to provide minimum necessary assistance while guided by the "do no harm" ground principle. That is why the importance of these courses cannot be overestimated. "When I learned at the outpatient clinic that free rehabilitation was available at the BolashakK Rehabilitation Center, I was very happy. Here at BolashakK, Aisha has undergone a full examination by a neurologist-rehabilitation doctor and is receiving a course of physical therapy and pedagogical correction under the Early Intervention Program", Kamshat Sadenova, mother of a 1.5-year-old, resident of the Zhylyoi District. "Aisha's every new skill, every new movement is a big victory for us. We see how she is changing, how she is getting stronger. This is a miracle, and I am grateful to everyone who helps us along the way. 4 months ago, my child could only lie on her stomach and roll over, but today she is already actively crawling. I am sure that very soon she will take her first steps. This is thanks to everyone who has been with us on this journey," said Kamshat. As part of the project 808 rehabilitation specialists of the Atyrau Oblast were trained in 7 areas of rehabilitation.

Media coverage of the project:

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Electronic Alphabetic Braille Music Trainer

As part of the Social Investment Program, TCO has been supporting innovative projects of Sezual Public Association of Disabled People for the third year in a row. Earlier they created and donated 3-language Braille self-teachers. Now the public association has started to develop another invention, an electronic alphabetic Braille music simulator. This will allow visually impaired people to learn music without hindrance and facilitate their socialization in modern society. Currently, the devices have been delivered to the Regional Special Boarding School and pilot use has begun.

Media coverage of the project:

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Vocational Guidance - Choose and Manage your Future

Education development is one of the priority areas of TCO's Social Investment Program. Integrity Personal Growth Public Foundation is also working in this area. In 2023, they are implementing 2 projects, one of which is Career Guidance - Choose and Manage your Future. As part of the project, the Foundation teaches schoolchildren aged 14-17 flexible skills, conducts career guidance tests and classes to help them decide on their future profession and discover their talents. In addition, members of the Foundation provide Generation Z training to parents, thus helping them to communicate with adolescents. To expand the geography of the project in 2023, it was decided to train vocational guidance counselors from different schools of the Atyrau Oblast. As Sharbat Bisalieva, project coordinator, emphasizes, "We could cover a maximum of 100 children with career guidance on our own. To improve productivity, we decided to train school teachers and pedagogy majors. Now, 20 schools in our region have trained career counselors who will be able to reach up to 500 children per year”. In the first six months of the Foundation's work alone, 190 project participants with their parents received consultations from a career counselor on choosing a future profession, learned about how to enroll in universities, when to collect documents and where it is better to enroll, trained and applied flexible skills in real life. 5 memorandums of cooperation were signed: with the Department of Education of the Atyrau Oblast, Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University, regional education authority's methodology center, APEC Training Center, and City Clinic No. 7, represented by the head Tanbaeva G. A., member of the City Maslikhat. Through these agreements, several field trips to Atyrau enterprises and organizations were organized for school students.

Media coverage of the project:

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New Generation School

Second project implemented by Integrity Personal Growth Public Foundation as part of the Social Investment Program in 2023 is the New Generation School project. The goal of the project is to create a comfortable educational environment for children. The project is primarily intended to help create a school that children "like to go to", free from bullying and psychological pressure, where it is interesting and safe to study, and where parents can be confident in the knowledge that their children will receive. Creating a favorable atmosphere for teachers is also important. 21 schools of the Atyrau Oblast took part in the project: 3 schools from the Zhylyoi District, 3 schools from the Kurmangazy District, 2 schools each from the Kyzylkogin, Isatay, Inder, Makat Districts, 1 school from the Makhambet District and 6 schools from Atyrau. The project included master classes, training sessions and webinars for school administrators and teachers. One of the highlights of the project was the 45 Minute Upgrade training from Lilia Mukhamedshina, director of MentorEd International PTE LTD, certified specialist, TSHPU, Master of Education, University of Western Australia, in an offline format, after which the participants received an international certificate of professional development, as well as a webinar with Ulan Useinov, a young and extraordinary chemistry teacher known in social networks, "Exciting chemistry. Creating educational content in social media". Work was done with mentors to create school strategies. At the end of the year, all participating schools developed their individual strategies for the next two years, and work on implementation of these strategies is underway.

Media coverage of the project:

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Teachers’ Scientific and Methodological Inclusive Education Support

Among the participants of the Social Investment Program in 2023 are not only city but also district NGOs. For example, Oy-Sana Psychologists' Association, a young NGO in the Zhylyoi District, has been TCO’s partner for the second year in a row. In the first year of its formation, having successfully implemented a project on inclusive education, the NGO decided to pass on its experience to other schools not only in the Zhylyoi District, but also throughout the Atyrau Oblast. In 2023, Oy-Sana psychologists implemented a project to provide scientific and methodological support for teachers on inclusive education. More than 300 teachers of the region became beneficiaries of the project. Through the project, both financial and advisory support was provided for the opening of 10 special children’s intervention offices in schools in Atyrau, Kurmangazy, Zhylyoi, and Makat Districts. The project not only promotes socialization of inclusive children in schools, but also changes the mindset of its beneficiaries: 1 director and 3 head teachers decided to receive additional education as speech pathologists, schools became more open to accepting inclusive children, inclusive teachers’ salaries were revised and amended. The Public Association of Psychologists "Oy-Sana" received a state award of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023 for protecting the health of citizens and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Media coverage of the project:

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Development of STEAM Education in the Zhylyoi District

In 2023, TCO began implementing a new Zhylyoi District Development Program. As part of the program, in the winter of 2023, together with the Corporate Foundation “Caravan of Knowledge”, a project was launched, the main goal of which was to improve the level of education in schools of the Zhylyoi District and Borankul village, Mangistau Oblast. As part of the project, a special STEAM laboratory was outfitted in Secondary School No. 8 in Kulsary, where schoolchildren from all over the region can study physics, chemistry, and biology in a fun format. The goal of the project was not only to improve children’s knowledge, but also to leave a legacy of highly qualified and professional staff. To this end, more than 100 teachers from the Zhylyoi District and Borankul village completed the Fundamentals of STEAM course, more than 22 Kulsary and 41 Borankul teachers completed offline training on the use of laboratory equipment in physics and mathematics, more than 20 Kulsary and 10 Borankul teachers trained in the use of chemical engineering equipment in biology. Moreover, 98 teachers took part in a three-module in-depth professional development course in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics in partnership with Ualikhanov University, from September 18 to November 18, in online and offline formats. As a result, the Merge team from the Oporny Secondary School, Borankul, took 2nd place in the international robotics Olympics, International Haileybury FIRST Championship in Almaty. And the mentor of this team was recognized the best mentor among all coaches. Team E=mc2 from Secondary School No. 8, Kulsary, also took part in the FIRST Global Challenge Robotics Championship in Astana. The project ended with a big celebration on December 2 when the regional Zhylyoy STEAM Fair was held, with two streams of lectures (18 speakers) and the regional round of the First Competition attended by 584 people. As Caravan of Knowledge Corporate Foundation notes, over the course of a year, children’s attitudes toward learning have changed, science no longer seems boring to children, and schoolchildren themselves are showing interest in acquiring new knowledge. Similar results were achieved among teachers who continue to improve their knowledge and skills, independently finding new courses for advanced training, and actively becoming involved in the process.

Media coverage of the project:

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Public Spaces in the Zhylyoi District and Borankul Village

One of the most popular projects in the community, Public Spaces, continued as part of the Social Investment Program in 2023. This unique project not only gives residents the opportunity to build a playground or park in their yard without waiting for government projects, but also contributes to the development of civil society. By joining forces, neighbors jointly improve their yards; the younger generation, following the example of their parents, learns to take care of the nature and public property, and maintain cleanliness and order in playgrounds. The project has been ongoing for 5 years. This year, action groups were offered a budget of up to 4-4.5 million tenge. However, it should be noted that residents, inspired by the project during the construction process, purchased additional equipment at their own expense. Local governmental agencies also made their contribution by allocating land for public spaces and providing all possible support to the community. Most importantly, the project united the efforts of the community, governmental agencies, and businesses in creating a new civil society. This year, 32 small projects were implemented in the Zhylyoi District and Borankul village, Mangistau Oblast, 28 and 4, respectively, including: 13 playgrounds, 5 sports grounds, 2 football fields, 2 volleyball courts, 9 parks and 1 monument. More than 20,000 residents of the Zhylyoi District and Borankul will become users of these public spaces. In 2023, EFCA received an NGO award from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan for promoting the development of civil society.

Media coverage of the project:

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Public Spaces in Atyrau

For the second year in a row, Public Spaces has been successfully implemented in Atyrau. The project is being implemented as part of the TCO Social Investment Program by Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA). As part of the project, active city residents, in partnership with local authorities, make their own improvements to courtyards, build children's and sports grounds, provide street lighting etc. Project funding in the amount of 4 million tenge is extended to action groups by EFCA. As a result, 41 small projects were implemented in 2023, including 19 children's playgrounds, 7 sports fields, 11 mini soccer fields for children, 2 volleyball courts, 2 parks and suburban street lighting. More than 17,000 residents will become users of these public spaces. It should be noted that residents, inspired by the project during the construction process, bought additional equipment at their own expense. Local state authorities did their share by allocating land for public spaces and providing community with as much support as they could. Most importantly, the project united the efforts of the community, governmental agencies, and businesses in creating a new civil society. “Once I heard about the project, I decided to try my luck and proposed 3 projects at once: construction of a volleyball court, a park, and a playground. My village does not have a single public space for children to play and young people to gather. This idea was supported by all the villagers, and we all set about building the facilities together. I believe that small projects like this will serve only as the first step towards our bright future. We know that the project is being implemented by a non-local NGO, however, as long as the project benefits my people and children, we will always be happy to support such people's projects! We express our gratitude to EFCA and TCO for the project!”, noted one of the project participants, leader of the action group for construction of a volleyball court in Kurmangazy village, Murat Sadykov. In 2023, EFCA received an NGO award from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan for promoting the development of civil society.

Media coverage of the project:

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Atyrau Without Obstacles

Second project that is being implemented by the public foundation “Biz de Adambyz” is Atyrau Without Obstacles. As part of the project, volunteers and project participants held consultations among the population and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses about the rules for installing ramps, handrails, etc., which would facilitate the movement of people with limited mobility around the city. The category of low-mobility citizens includes both persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users, citizens with visual and hearing impairments, as well as elderly people, mothers with children under 7, pregnant women, and temporarily disabled people. Atyrau Without Obstacles started at the beginning of this year and to date, more than 1,000 facilities have been monitored, meetings have been held with representatives of governmental agencies and businesses. “Today more than 15 property owners have changed the appearance of their buildings, making them comfortable for us. Many also consult on issues of organizing an accessible environment. Thanks to this, citizens with limited mobility can enter many establishments without outside help,” said Gulnaz Kosmurzieva, head of Biz de Adambyz Public Fund. All findings were included in the first online map of facility accessibility, presentation of which took place in the second half of the year. The website contains 3 accessibility filters: green (accessible building), yellow (building with substandard obstacle-free components) and red (complete lack of accessibility). The site can also help build a route to a building, using filters to select facility type: entertainment, public buildings, medical institutions, etc. Both computer and smartphone versions are available. Facilities will be gradually added to this map, but even now, main criteria are displayed by which people with limited mobility can assess facility accessibility.

Media coverage of the project:

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Development of Corporate Volunteering “Teniz Juregi”

Volunteers of the Teniz Zhuregi project, created by the Public Foundation “Zhurekten Zhurekke”, did a great job. This project is aimed at development of corporate volunteering, in other words, company employees and members of their families are actively involved in volunteer activities in the fields of education, healthcare, environmental protection etc. Volunteers regularly visit the Adaptation Center for Minors, Special Services Center No. 3, Kosshagyl boarding school, Shanyrak family-type children's village, and the Nursing Home to organize creative master classes and festive events. A sewing club “28 loops” was created which donated warm clothes knitted by volunteers to the perinatal center for premature babies. In addition, Speaking Club meetings with native speakers and industry professionals are held on a weekly basis in Atyrau and Kulsary. The meetings are open to everyone. Atyrau school students had the opportunity to learn about current professions through 10 career guidance field trips. The highlight of the project was the opening of a store based on the concept of reasonable consumption: things that people no longer want to wear, which have retained good quality, can be returned to the store where they will be given to families from vulnerable population groups. Since the opening, the store has received more than 4 tons of items from caring residents of Atyrau. More on volunteers’ activities in the video.

Media coverage of the project:

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Zharkyra Social Entrepreneurship Development Program

One example of sustainable NGO development is the Zharkyra project. A legacy of Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, the project to develop social entrepreneurship has been implemented by the local Foundation for Social Programs and Innovations since this year. This year, 11 social entrepreneurs became winners of the project: 6 of them received interest-free loans, 4 received grants, including 2 grants from private enterprises, and 2 more were given the opportunity to go on an internship to exchange experience in CIS countries. It is also worth noting the growing interest in social entrepreneurship in the districts - half of this year's winners are from the Zhylyoi, Makhambet and Inder Districts. Financial support amounted to 32,036,000 tenge, but it should be noted that, of them, 22 million tenge was obtained from repayment of loans received by the previous year's winners. All project participants were trained by local and guest trainers, and the winners also had the opportunity to be trained by similar JVs in the CIS countries.

Women Support and Business Orientation Project "Qadam"

In 2023, one of the participants of TCO's Social Investment Program was Zain-Atyrau PF, which proposed an interesting project in the Zhylyoi District. According to Almagul Shudabayeva, head of the Foundation, "coming out of a long maternity leave was difficult for me, first of all, mentally. It got to the point where I was afraid of office equipment. Having survived this, I decided to help other women who had devoted several years of their lives to childcare to return to the working environment and start their own business. Thus, the idea of the Qadam project was born," says the mother of many children. Out of 300 applications submitted, 25 mothers with many children, raising children with special needs, with no education or work experience, who have been on maternity leave for a long time, etc., were selected. They took courses with a therapist, learned such professions as hairdressing, make-up, cooking, cutting and sewing, as well as the basics of business and business plan development. As a result, most of the trained women got jobs or started their own businesses. - A mother of 5 raising a child with disability learned makeup artistry and got a job at a beauty salon. - A mother of many children had not worked for 12 years. After taking a sewing course, she earns money by taking orders at home. - A mother of 6 children spent 14 years on maternity leave. After taking Chef training and undergoing psychological training to overcome her fears, she got a job as a baker's assistant in a confectionery shop. These are but a few examples of success stories of Kulsary women. More in the video.

Zhas Kasipker – Jalynda

Another project implemented by a Zhylyoi NGO - Talaptan PF - under the leadership of Amankeldi Karasayev, a resident of Akkiiztogai village of the Zhylyoi District is Zhas Kasipker - Zhalynda. The project was limited to one village, but this does not detract from its achievements. The Foundation set an ambitious goal to teach young people aged 16-29 and high school students of Akkiiztogai village the basics of entrepreneurship, as well as to teach them how to plant, grow and sell garden crops. For this purpose, several classes were held with the participation of guest business trainers and active businessmen, and a drip irrigation system was installed on the allocated plot of land. Under the guidance of an agriculturist, the children plowed and sowed seeds of melon crops, which soon sprouted. The project found a wide response and awakened the interest of fellow villagers in the benefits of drip irrigation as one of the ways to conserve water.


In 2023, the youth of the Zhylyoi District were given a unique opportunity to learn modern online specialties for free: SMM, targetologist, designer. And all this thanks to the project "Shektelme" of PF "Janasha". "With this project we wanted to somewhat reduce the number of unemployed people in the region and show the possibilities of online income. In this way, we also reduced the migration of young people from villages to cities," says project manager Altynai Serikbai. However, not only young people, but also the older generation showed interest in the project. Therefore, taking into account the community's request, the Foundation started accepting applications for participation without age restrictions. As a result, 445 people took the courses. Of these, 161 participants successfully completed and were certified. In addition, 158 of them were employed and receive online orders. This indicates almost 100% success of the project.

Shabyt School of Crafts and Arts

As part of its Social Investment Program, TCO finances implementation of projects throughout the Atyrau Oblast. For example, one of the 2023 projects implemented in the Makat District by Aynalaiyn Baladan PF is Shabyt School of Crafts and Arts. One of the key objectives of this project was to train children aged 5 to 18 in arts and crafts, so that in the future teenagers would have the opportunity to realize not only their creative potential, but also have the skills for possible future employment. In addition, organization of leisure activities for children in their free time helps to reduce emotional tension between teenagers, prevent fights, and also helps to free up parents' time. In addition, 12 children with special needs also took the courses. The organizers believe that these skills will help them run their business online.



December 22


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Project Fair

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Opening Ceremony

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Corporate Fund «Caravan of Knowledge»

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Public Fund Public Association of Psychologists «Oi-sana»

«Sezual» PublicAssociation of Disabled people

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Public Fund «Bilim Barine»

Public Fund «Ecologica»

Public Fund «Ainalayin Baladan»

Public fund «Zhurekten zhurekke»

Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia

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Public Association «Atyrau. Small country»

Public Fund «BolashakK»

Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians

Public fund «Biz de adambyz»

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Public Fund «Talaptan»

Public Foundation «Social Programs and Innovations Fund»

Public Fund «Janasha»

Public Fund «Zein-Atyrau»

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