Atyrau city hosts Annual Chess Tournament for children

04 June 2019

On June 1-2, Atyrau hosted the 7th chess tournament dedicated to the International Children's Day, which was attended by students of city and oblast schools aged 5 – 16 years. The tournament, organized by Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO), is held annually, on the eve of summer school holidays. This year, the tournament was also dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstan oil.

The goal of the chess tournament for children is not only to celebrate the International Children's Day, but also to develop and promote youth chess sport, form and improve intellectual capital of the younger generation.

The tournament, used the Swiss system (per FIDE Code), was held in two stages. 130 children, both amateurs and already Kazakhstani champions, participated in the preliminary games and final competitions. Children without sports category had the opportunity to be qualified before the start of the tournament. Each participant was given 15 minutes per lap. The judgement was entrusted to the board of coaches of Atyrau Regional Chess Federation, led by young international referee Zhanibek Amanov.

Winners of the competition were determined by the highest number of points scored in all laps. According to the results of the two-day tournament, winners were determined in the following categories: boys and girls aged 13-16  – 1st place was given to Boran Zhazira and Galymzhanuly Ibrahim, 2nd place – Nurgaliyeva Marina and Rashidov Azamat, 3rd place – Tarasova Ulyana and Maratov Samat, among boys aged 11-12 – Leonid Naumov -1st place, Kaiyrzhan Yedyl – 2nd place, 3rd place – Abdullayev Ayat, among girls aged 10-12 – 1st place – Nurgaliyeva Zarina, 2nd place – Sabyrbaikyzy Zarina, 3rd place – Sarsenbi Zuhra, as well as very young winners: boys aged 9-10 – 1st place - Zhetpis Yerzhan, 2nd place – Tlekkabyl Aibek, 3rd place - Kumarkhan Arsen, girls aged 9 and younger – 1st place - Muzdak Zere, 2nd place – Bakhytzhan Sabina, 3rd place – Adil Assel, boys aged 8 and under - Rahmanberdy Aliaskar – 1st place, 2nd place – Onoglu Ali, 3rd place – Zhetpis Sultan. Winners and participants were awarded with valuable prizes and promotional gifts.

The chess tournament organized by TCO is not the only example of the company’s comprehensive support for younger generation of Atyrau Oblast. TCO also finances a number of projects with significant involvement of children with the help of Community Investment Program partners. In terms of chess, in addition to the children's tournament, TCO has also organized the annual Atyrau chess festival dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan over the past several years.