TCO presented to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev its digitalization achievements

28 October 2021

Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) General Director Kevin Lyon presented the company’s digitalization achievements to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at the digitalization project exhibition as a part of Digital Bridge forum that took place in Nur-Sultan city. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev thanked TCO for its great progress in the digital sphere.

TCO’s Digital Transformation has enabled the company to be agile and innovative in our efforts to advance change across the business, help turn challenges into opportunities and support TCO’s efforts to continue delivering on its commitments to the Republic of Kazakhstan and our shareholders. TCO is developing a digital culture that is contributing to continuous production growth and higher value throughout the whole value chain.

One of the best examples of recent digitalization success is in the support of the Turnaround (TA). A local LTE net was established in Tengiz to enable tablets which were used to track work progress and make timely decisions through fast access to data. Facility 3D models were also built to improve TA work planning based on more accurate measuring. A Digital Onboarding application provided more efficient access to TCO facilities and reduced badge issue times for more than 6,000 critical employees required to complete the TA at one of TCO’s facilities in Tengiz. Several digital solutions were also developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to help TCO effectively manage the spread of coronavirus and ensure personnel safety and uninterrupted production.

During his presentation to the President TCO General Director Kevin Lyon emphasized that: “All our best digital tools have been successful thanks to digital manpower. TCO maintains its focus on improving partnership relations to develop our national employees in the field of digitalization.”

For the second year in a row TCO has been investing in the Digital Scholar program, which is aimed at preparing our national leaders for the future of digital innovations. In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, TCO has developed a yearly master’s program for Kazakhstani employees in the field of engineering, management, and digital technology. The company is confident that the employees will give a boost to TCO’s digitalization efforts once they complete their training program.

TCO Digital Champion Baurzhan Kassenov also said: “One of the hallmarks of a successful digital transformation is active involvement of all company employees along with steadfast support of the management.”

It is worth noting that TCO Digital and Kazakhstani Content Development Departments are going to conduct a TCO Digital Transformation open session as part of the Digital Bridge international forum. During the session they will talk about the strategy model that helps to introduce digitalization at TCO.

TCO requires technical specialists capable of fulfilling technical (Technical Lead, .NET Developers, DevOps Engineers, QA Tester) and non-technical roles (Change Management Specialists, Business Analyst, Proxy Product Owners) and also Low Code Developers: PowerApps, PowerBI. TCO invites Kazakhstani companies and specialists possessing skills in those fields to express their interest in cooperation on the company’s official website.