Tengizchevroil recognized as the Employer of Choice in Kazakhstan for 2023

03 November 2023

Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) was recognized as the most attractive employer in Kazakhstan for the third year in a row. The rating was compiled by an independent company as part of a large-scale employer brand perception study "The Talentist. Employer brand perception" at the request of ANCOR.

"This award, first of all, speaks to the trust placed in us as a company that annually invests in the development of the potential of its employees. People are TCO's most valuable resource, and we invest not only in the professional growth of our workforce, but also strive to create a comfortable corporate culture and safe working conditions," said Kamshat Baizhanova, General Manager, Human Resources Management, Tengizchevroil.

More than 3,500 people among the working-age population aged 16 to 63 took part in the study. Respondents were asked to answer questions and assess the attractiveness rating of 100 employer brands in Kazakhstan. In addition to career opportunities, a good salary, financial stability and long-term job security, the main evaluation criteria were also work-life balance, flexible working conditions, equal opportunities, and a pleasant working atmosphere, etc.

“We are ending 2023 with the launch of a large-scale study “The Talentist”, to study the perception of employer branding. We saw how people's behavior patterns in relation to employment have changed, and we received a lot of useful information about applicants and employees for employers. We plan with great pleasure to share with employers in Kazakhstan information that will help them in creating a comfortable working environment for staff and building mutually beneficial partnerships with their employees. As for the rating, it includes companies that were recognized and rated by at least 10 percent of respondents. According to the attractiveness indicator of 68.95%, Tengizchevroil became the most attractive employer in Kazakhstan,” noted Valeria Petrunina, General Director of ANCOR.

Moreover, Tengizchevroil was also recognized as the most attractive employer in the fuel and energy complex.

In 2023, Tengizchevroil celebrated its 30th anniversary, and over the years, the company has trained several generations of highly qualified world-class specialists. For this purpose, at an early stage of the company's existence, a personnel development strategy was developed, which included a program for the adaptation of young specialists. Also, experienced employees become mentors for them and guide them in both professional and personal growth.

"At some point we were learning English literally from the alphabet - "A, B, C...", - says Nyssanbai Moldiev, Project Manager. "Now, of course, we know it perfectly, despite our age. At first, everything was new to us, in the 90s Tengiz was a high-tech project, and now it is developing by leaps and bounds. To keep up with all the changes, you need to constantly be in the tone of mind and learn new things. Tengiz has all the conditions for this, so you can improve your knowledge without taking time off from your main job."

In addition, employees are offered various courses within the company as well. TCO invests in the development of the technical potential of employees in such important areas as process safety, field development management, process design, as well as drilling and others. Shareholders, including Chevron, are actively using the capabilities of their shareholders to send people on business trips outside of TCO so that they can adopt best practices and apply them at Tengiz under the Horizons program.

As a result, TCO has gradually reduced the number of foreign workers, and now 95% of TCO employees are citizens of Kazakhstan, compared to 50% in 1993. And the ratio of Kazakhstani nationals among top and middle management is almost 87%. This is an impressive accomplishment that the company is proud of.

TCO has also created opportunities for an additional 153,900 jobs in Kazakhstan in various sectors of the economy, according to a study by S&P Global, an independent analytical agency. This is achieved through the multiplier effects of TCO’s spend and economic impacts within Kazakhstan. Thus, one TCO jobs supports and another 41 jobs across various sectors.